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    Study uncovers molecular switch that may sensitize triple-negative breast cancers to immunotherapy

    Study shows new drug AMPI-109 flips switch on an enzyme PRL-3 that initially puts cancer cells to “sleep” or senescence, then leads to their death.

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    In sub-Saharan Africa, cancer can be an infectious disease

    In sub-Saharan Africa, women who contract malaria while pregnant may have children with an increased risk of Burkitt’s lymphoma.

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    Nobel laureate, new technologies show how cancer cells protect chromosomes from decay

    Study uses CRISPR gene editing technology and live cell, single molecule microscopy to watch in real-time, for the first time, the essential interaction between telomerase and telomeres

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    Study details sources of discrepancies between initial and final pathology reports

    Study details the hospital procedures that lead to discrepancies between initial, intraoperative pathology evaluation and the results of the final, less pressured examination.


    500 patients advance cancer care at University of Colorado Cancer Center

    The University of Colorado Cancer Center has enrolled 500 patients in a unique research collaboration…

Patient Care

EXT_080416_STAR Program

UCHealth hitches cancer care to a STAR

For every cancer patient there are clinical milestones: completing chemotherapy regimens, rounds of radiation, surgeries…

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Meet the Experts


The University of Colorado Cancer Center welcomes new director of Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

The University of Colorado Cancer Center welcomes Eric Clambey, PhD, as the new director of…

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