• Help Rochford Lab reach fundraising goal for childhood cancer research

    September is childhood cancer awareness month. The Rochford lab is organizing a few different events…

  • Dr. Antonio Jimeno with patient Katrina, who is doing well on an anti-stem cell treatment

    Antonio Jimeno, MD, PhD, earns R01 grants to make new models testing cancer immunotherapies

    Antonio Jimeno, MD, PhD, recently renewed a 5-year NIH R01 grant with a new focus on studying how head and neck cancer stem cells trick the immune system, and obtained another R01 grant to develop new animal models of melanoma that allow the study and testing of immunotherapies against cancer.

  • Colorado-Zimbabwe collaboration builds capacity to combat cancer in Africa

    CU Cancer Center partnership with Zimbabawe sets stage for development of a Regional Center for Research Excellence, called AfriCARE, meant to benefit the entire region of sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Blood tumor markers may warn when lung cancer patients are progressing on targeted treatments

    University of Colorado Cancer Center study suggests that rather than screening for disease, blood tumor markers could be useful in monitoring therapeutic outcomes in those with already established disease.

  • Sharks with frickin’ lasers: gold nanoparticles fry cancer on glowing mice

    A University of Colorado Cancer Center study takes a new approach to killing cancer: Why not fry it into oblivion with vibrating gold nanoparticles?

Patient Care

“Nothing more I can ask for” – Personalized medicine ensures mom will see her kids grow up

For Sarah McRorie, the time after the birth of her daughter Sloane brought hugs, kisses, new challenges…

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Meet the Experts


Cervical cancer is directly related to prior infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). Primarily due to PAP…

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