Lancet Oncology publishes new guidelines on clinical trial designs for patients with brain metastases

New guidelines from an international, multidisciplinary group published in the journal Lancet Oncology describe how to most appropriately address cancer patients with CNS involvement within clinical trials of anti-cancer drugs.

International mentorship is win-win for cancer researchers in U.S. and China

A global problem is now being tackled globally by a unique relationship between Shanghai, China and the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

Important new insights into RECIST criteria measuring cancer’s response to treatment

CU Cancer Center article examines current RECIST guidelines in an effort to bring them up to speed with new complexities presented by the latest targeted therapies.

Promising phase 1/2 results for entrectinib against ROS1+ non-small cell lung cancer

We are hopeful that entrectinib will help us control many cases of ROS1+ lung cancer in both the body and the brain,” says Robert C. Doebele, MD, PhD.

New approach to genetic testing matches lung cancer patient with life-saving drug

Testing for many gene alterations simultaneously lets CU Cancer Center team target cancer-causing MET fusion with the drug crizotinib, leading to dramatic response.

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Expensive new cancer therapy may be cost effective

Expensive new cancer therapy may be cost effective

Researchers from the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, selected to estimate the cost-effectiveness of the newly approved CAR-T therapies, have found the clinical benefit may justify the expensive price. The treatments...

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