CRISPR screen reveals new targets in more than half of all squamous cell carcinomas

The path to a therapy against ΔNp63α seems clear: activate TGFB2 and RHOA.

New combination treatment targets pre-leukemia stem cells

“We hope that omacetaxine and venetoclax will be a potent combination against advanced MDS,” says Craig Jordan, PhD.

Thomas Flaig, MD, helps to define standards of cancer care in Africa

Thomas Flaig, MD, recently returned from a trip to Ghana with the African Cancer Coalition, where he met with a panel of six African physicians to localize NCCN genitourinary (GU) cancer treatment guidelines for use in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Four generations of Colorado research mentorship: “Your legacy is the people you leave behind”

“Even more than your published papers, your legacy is the people you leave behind, the trainees you have the pleasure of working with,” says Michael Glodé.

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