Like shark attack and the lottery, unconscious bias influences cancer screening

Doctors with personal experience of cancer are more likely to act against established guidelines to recommend that low-risk women receive ovarian cancer screening.

Clinical trial shows targeting suppressor cells with retinoic acid may improve immune response against melanoma

By adding retinoic acid to standard-of-care treatment, researchers were able to boost immune system activity directed at melanoma.

Finally, a potential new approach against KRAS-driven lung cancer

CU Cancer Center study finds COPD, asthma and cystic fibrosis gene involved in lung cancer

Could edible chemotherapy attached to milk particles someday end infusions?

CU’s Tom Anchordoquy is working to attach drug molecules to milk particles, naturally shepherding chemotherapy into the bloodstream

Is your lung cancer really ROS1-negative? Study shows it may be worth testing again

CU Cancer Center study shows that common laboratory tests used to determine ROS1 status may return false-negative results, meaning that some patients who could benefit from ROS1-directed therapy may be slipping through the cracks.

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