Janet_Freeman-Daily (2014-09-07)

Janet Freeman-Daily, guest blogger.

Janet Freeman-Daily is a writer, speaker, science geek and epatient with metastatic lung cancer. She uses her systems engineering background to translate the experience and science of lung cancer treatment and research into language other patients can understand. She is currently on a clinical trial at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and helps to support lung cancer research and patient support through her blog.

Reflections on a Cancerversary
Today is my fourth cancerversary. Four years ago — May 10, 2011 — I first heard a confirmed diagnosis of lung cancer.

On cancerversaries I review events of the past year and assess how I’ve spent my time. I’m not looking to pat myself on the back for my accomplishments, or check locations off a travel list. I’m looking to see if I stayed focused on what means the most to me, and whether I need to adjust my priorities. My time is too precious to waste.