Janet_Freeman-Daily (2014-09-07)Janet Freeman-Daily is a writer, speaker, science geek and epatient with metastatic lung cancer. She uses her systems engineering background to translate the experience and science of lung cancer treatment and research into language other patients can understand. She is currently on a clinical trial at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and helps to support lung cancer research and patient support through her blog.


What’s the best part of National Cancer Survivors Day?

To celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day (June 7), I’m sharing a recent picture of me with Linnea Olson, a sister metastatic lung cancer patient and one of the bloggers (Outliving Lung Cancer) who inspired me to become a lung cancer blogger and advocate. She and I are both alive thanks to research and clinical trials. As Linnea phrased it on Twitter, “Medical research has our backs! Here’s to fourteen more (and beyond) years!”