We want to help your research reach as many people as possible! To do so, it’s essential that your University of Colorado Cancer Center communications team knows about your studies BEFORE they publish. When we run across published studies on PubMed, we are happy to write about them at www.coloradocancerblogs.org, but often reporters outside the university are unable to cover news that has been public for more than two to three days. By reaching out when you receive notification that your paper is accepted, or even when it is under review, we can be ahead of rather than behind the news and ensure that your research findings reach the most people with the most impact.

Case in point – the January 17 eLife publication of Autophagy inhibition overcomes multiple mechanisms of resistance to BRAF inhibition in brain tumors.  

On November 1, 2016, Andrew Thorburn, PhD, reached out to the University of Colorado Cancer Center team to let us know the paper was under review and likely to publish. At this point, there was no date set but we were able to set up a plan to push out the study once it appeared in online.

The plan included:

  • Reaching out to one of the patients in the paper
  • An interview with Jean Mulcahy Levy (first author)
  • A blog post for coloradocancerblogs.org
  • A series of short videos for social media with Jean Mulcahy Levy
  • An aggressive social media plan
  • The ability to respond quickly to any media inquiries

In the four weeks since publication, the results are impressive:

  • Approximately 16,000 people reached on Facebook
  • Nearly 7,000 views of our videos on Facebook
  • Fox 31 story that aired on January 18 was shared on Facebook nearly 200 times and liked nearly 700 times
  • Science Daily shared a story on Facebook where it was liked more than 1,000 times and shared nearly 600 in the FIRST SEVEN HOURS
  • Nearly 2,100 clicks to the story on coloradocancerblogs.org

In this case, the time frame we were working in was generous but we can do a lot of preparation in just a couple weeks or even a few days. Letting your friendly communications team know in advance can help us educate the public about the scientific discoveries of CU Cancer Center members.

Please reach out to:

Garth Sundem, Science Writer, garth.sundem@ucdenver.edu

Taylor Abarca, Social Media/Web Specialist, taylor.abarc@ucdenver.edu

Erika Matich, Communications Manager, erika.matich@ucdenver.edu

We are really looking forward to hearing from you!