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  • Study shows cancer cell fusion with blood cell allows the cancer cell to travel through the blood. Image: Flickr/abraham.williams

    CSI-Style DNA Fingerprinting Tracks Down Cause of Cancer Spread: Discovery of Hybrid Cells in Human Melanoma

    The University of Colorado Cancer Center along with Yale University and the Denver Crime Lab report in the journal PLoS ONE the first proof of cancer’s ability to fuse with blood cells in a way that gives cancer the ability to travel, allowing previously stationary cancer cells to enter the bloodstream and seed sites of metastasis around the body. The work used DNA fingerprinting of a bone marrow transplant patient with cancer, along with DNA fingerprinting of the patient’s bone marrow donor, to show that subsequent metastatic cancer cells in the patient’s body carried parts of both genomes, fused together into a hybrid cancer cell.

SPDEF is a switch, turning on and off the production of E-Cadherin, the loss of which is a prerequisite for prostate cancer metastasis. Image: Flickr/r/dv/rs
Flickr: creative commons
Hari Koul, investigator at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and
Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD
Dara Aisner, MD, PhD, investigator at the University of Colorado Cancer Center
The 2011 Cancer League of Colorado Race for Research will be held Aug. 21, and will benefit cancer researchers at the University of Colorado Cancer Center.